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Mobile Locksmith

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144”WB High Roof

The customer needed to carry a huge range of key blanks, cylinders, and latches so they could be prepared for any scenario. They also needed spots to install all their bench mounted equipment and AC power to run them. Lastly, it was important to replicate the shop environment as closely as possible by managing the temperature extremes and providing plenty of light.

As a locksmith van upfitter, our build started with a full insulated interior liner kit and recessed high-intensity lighting. A customized storage solution was built using a Sliding Door Partition, Partskeepers, Drawer Cabinets, and Shelving with Bins. A Pure Sine Inverter with Auxiliary Battery paired with multiple power strips and outlets throughout the vehicle provided all needed AC power. The upfit was completed with a full workbench and additional bench tops for the drawer cabinets to provide mounting bases for all equipment.

All needed tools and equipment are now organized and easily accessed at any time. This locksmith is now able to reduce time spent in trips for supplies, reduce returns to the shop for specialty repairs, and address client’s needs onsite right away.

Mobile Machinery Service

Ford Transit T-350 148” WB EXT High Roof

This worldwide manufacturer of specialty hydraulic components wanted to increase their competitive advantage by offering their clients mobile service – something that had never been attempted before. Technicians now needed to travel hours away and be self-sufficient on remote job sites in all types of climates. They also needed to carry a full inventory of new components for repairs and up-sells. 

The first step was to determine and then address the customer’s unique AC power requirements with a high-capacity industrial inverter, dual auxiliary batteries, a digital battery status monitor, and a shore power connection to recharge the system overnight. For climate control, an engine-driven HVAC system was paired with a full insulated liner kit. An extra-long benchtop provided plenty of workspace with added small parts storage underneath. Heavy-duty shelving and lockable cabinets were installed for tool and component storage. The customer’s sensitive testing equipment was installed on anti-vibration mounts to prevent damage in off-road scenarios, and these were mounted to a contoured partition for maximum comfort on long distances.

The initial pilot of 5 vehicles was an excellent success and proved that this was exactly what this manufacturer’s clients needed. The fleet was quickly expanded across North America and further cemented the manufacturer’s reputation as an innovative industry leader.

Mobile Clinic

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 170” WB

This innovative practice decided to bring the doctor’s office directly to their patients. As with any medical facility, it was important that the interior was easy to sanitize, while being comfortable, spacious, and reassuring for patients. 

This build began with a textured full interior liner kit paired with an Extreme Climate HVAC system and high intensity recessed lights. Swivel front seats provided space for patients and medical personnel to sit, and an inverter provided power for the exam table and other equipment. In the rear, we installed a doctor’s desk with a stainless top and overhead cabinets. A fully integrated heated stainless steel hand washing basin completed the upfit.

While the pilot vehicle was still being built, demand and interest for this new concept grew so quickly that the client added a second vehicle right away. Both vehicles are now on the road and caring for patients throughout Long Island.  

Public Water Utility

Ford Transit T-250 130” WB Medium Roof

This large regional fleet customer had an issue with their existing shelving system not holding up to the abuse from the technicians. A high percentage of vehicles had shelving units that were collapsing, bending, and pulling away from the wall. In addition, the steel shelves were rusting in damp conditions, and the van floors were rotting out. Lastly, the vans were disorganized because some of their water meters would not fit on the shelf system.

The first step was creating a firm base for the upfit by providing a rigid, water-proof, and high traction floor. Then heavy duty rust-free all-aluminum shelving was installed, with an additional track at the base of the units to restrain the larger water meters. Floor space and organization were further increased by installing an easy access side door drawer system for tools and as well as removable parts storage cases. With all the floor space opened up, it now became possible to add a workbench over the drawers so techs could work inside during inclement weather.

After 10+ years of doing business with this client, and 100+ vans later, not a single shelving unit has bent, broken, or pulled away from the wall. Technicians are happier, vans are more organized, and heavy items are restrained.

Stone & Tile Distributor

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170” WB EXT

This luxury stone and tile distributor recognized the importance of customers being able to visualize products in their own homes. Instead of paying for an expensive Manhattan showroom, they decided to bring the showroom to their customers. It was important that this interior reflect their brand and provide a creative space for customers. Another major challenge was that heavy stone sections needed to be attractively displayed and easily removable, yet secure for highway transport.

Advantage engineered and designed an internal structural wall for both sides or the vehicle. To this wall was mounted a unique and innovative interlocking plate system that provided a hidden mount for the stone sections, while allowing the sections to be easily removed for display, yet simply dropped back in for safe transport. We also provided a drop-down TV screen, drawers for brochures and smaller samples, an inverter system, and a storage compartment for a pop-up sign.

Going mobile saved this company money while dramatically improving the experience for their customers. Within one month of completing the first vehicle, the customer ordered a second vehicle, and then a third vehicle. They are continuing to grow as they capitalize on their newfound flexibility and profitability!

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