Work Van Interior Liners

Finish and Protect Your Investment

Turn Your Bare Cargo Van Into A Work-Ready Tool

A quiet ride and an insulated cargo area address form and function. 

No matter what job your van needs to perform, a finished interior will help you get the most from it. Whether its a set of wall liners to protect your vehicle skin from unsightly dimples, flooring to provide safe traction, or full insulated kits to assist in temperature control – our liner products are designed to make your job safer and increase the residual value of your vehicle. 

With Advantage, not only do you get access to industry-leading upfitting products and accessories but you gain a partner with the industry knowledge to make sure you are purchasing the right equipment for the job. Learn more about us! If you are a fleet manager, head to our commercial fleet page to learn more about our special fleet services. If you’re wondering how upfitting works, our case studies page will show you how we have helped other customers in the past.

  • Comfortable

    Interior panelling insulates the cargo area creating a comfortable place to work.

  • Organized

    Panels create wall space to store equipment and organize paperwork.

  • Safe

    The right flooring will reduce the risk of slips and create a safer work environment.

Ready to Upfit?

Head to our How to Buy page and let’s get started on your customized, upfitted vehicles.

Quality Flooring and Interior Liners

We are professional upfitters who will transform your van into a powerful and organized mobile workstation.

Van wall liners

Wall/Door/Ceiling Liners

A quieter ride, easier temperature control, and overall better interior protection means more value is retained over the lifetime of your vehicle investment.

Van flooring

Van Flooring

Our flooring is custom-molded to fit your vehicle exactly without cutting or bare spots. Simple, Quality Floor Protection that can handle anything you throw at it.

Our Advantage

Flooring and walls of cargo vans are often overlooked during upfits. But these are the kinds of upgrades that make day-to-day work easier and safer.

Advantage takes your needs and guides you through the upfitting process from floor to rooftop. Regardless of your industry, we speak your language and we know what it takes to help you build a work vehicle that works for your business while still fitting within your budget.

  • We make it easy

    • Simplified layout and design
    • Technical support and configuration assistance
  • We make it fast

    • Everything on our site is in stock
    • Installations can be completed in 48 hours or less
  • We make it last

    • Certified and trained installers
    • Lifetime installation warranty

As an experienced van outfitter, we know how important your vehicles are, and we understand how important the decisions you make to upfit them are. Everything from roof racks to storage cabinets and even to the material you use to cover the floor of your van are all important to the function of the finished product. Convenient storage for important tools and equipment you use during a day’s work will cut down on wasted time searching for them. Even small time savers can be game changers over the course of a busy workday.

We take time to understand how you work, which helps us design an option that works for you.

Let Advantage Outfitters help you find the perfect upfit equipment for your vehicle. We serve hardworking professionals in many industries. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, contractors, bakers, painters, and even appliance delivery teams seek out our advice on the easiest ways to keep supplies and equipment safe and well-organized while on a job.


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