Parts Storage Cabinets

Separate the Interior of Your Vehicle Securely

Our Parts Storage Cabinets Keep Everything Handy

As a service professional, you rely on your vehicles to provide fast, comprehensive services and a large part of this advantage depends on how organized your vehicle is. Without the right place to store tools and equipment, your vehicle can quickly become disorganized and chaotic. When you have the right shelving solution, you can spend less time sorting through your gear and more time on important tasks. As a result, you can get more done in less time.

Our response to keeping small parts and components separate and safe during transit is through Partskeeper cabinets from Ranger Design. These heavy-duty parts storage cabinets are modular and expandable for any type of part. Our parts organizers come as handy carrying cases so your drivers and technicians can easily customize their response and bring the right parts for the job.

Partskeeper cabinets are a safe, effective way to organize and store small components and can be included in any vehicle interior design. They can be mounted under shelves, inset into shelving, or stacked as stand-alone units. When some providers offer options that should fit your vehicle, we install parts organizers and related equipment that is designed specifically for it, meaning you get a perfect, standardized fit.

With Advantage, not only do you get access to industry-leading upfitting products and accessories, but you gain a partner with the industry knowledge to make sure you are purchasing the right equipment for the job. Learn more about us! If you are a fleet manager, head to our commercial fleet page to learn more about our special fleet services. If you’re wondering how upfitting works, our case studies page will show you how we have helped other customers in the past.

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Partskeeper Units

Partskeepers are universal fit for any van

  • Single Partskeeper Unit (stackable or underslung)
  • 4-Level Partskeeper Cabinet
  • 8-Level Partskeeper Cabinet
  • 8-Level Partskeeper Cabinet with 2 shelves

Mistakes to Avoid When Upfitting a Commercial Vehicle

Not knowing your vehicle – Not all cargo vans have identical designs. They may play a similar role, but each model we work with has its strengths and tradeoffs. To upfit, you need to not only take the size of the cargo areas into account but also consider important attributes like maximum weight capacity, proper balance, and other logistical considerations that are easily overlooked when all you have is a catalog and a vague idea of what you want your vehicle to accomplish. A lopsided cargo area with heavy equipment to one side will result in uneven tire wear and other maintenance issues down the road. 

Ignoring input – Commercial van upfits are intended to satisfy the needs of a team, not an individual. Experience is perhaps the best guide when it comes to upfitting a commercial van but this needs to be tempered with consensus. Upfit decisions should be made with efficiency and safety in mind.

Doing it all by yourself – There is no reason you need to go through this process entirely cold. At Advantage Outfitters, our goal is to make sure you get the service vehicle you need without overspending or purchasing equipment that will never be used. Our installers are trained and certified to bring you the most value for every dollar you spend on upfitting.


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