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Interior Van Shelving and Storage That Is Customizable for Any Application

In the Service Business, Time Is Money.

For many of our customers, interior shelving is the most important step in upfitting their van. They know the cost of showing up at a client and not having the needed parts on hand. They know the impact that a messy van has on a customer’s impression of their professionalism. And too often, they know the frustration of spending money on storage systems only to have them not hold up to the weight and abuse of everyday use.

At Advantage Outfitters, we’ve built our reputation on tailored solutions built to outlast the vehicles they are installed into. Secure, lightweight, and tough, our interior systems are easily customizable to virtually any application. You can select from one of our pre-designed trade-specific packages, designed with real feedback from contractors in the field. Or, you can use the modular flexibility to build your own upfit from the ground up.

  • Tough

    Lockable shelving prevents tools from bouncing around the cargo area during transport.

  • Customizable

    Unparalleled modular flexibility to suit your specific application.

  • Quiet

    Quality installation methods paired with innovative design eliminates rattles.

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Interior Upfitting Options

Browse our interior unfitting options to get started on transforming your van into an organized workspace.

Shelving Units and Packages

Are you looking for cargo van shelving near you? Trade-specific packages or individual shelving units are customizable to any application. Make the most of your new shelving system by selecting one manufactured with the latest design and paired with a reliable installation. The benefits of getting a new shelving system with us include:

  • Durable materials able to withstand wear without breaking, or we make it right.
  • A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime installation warranty.
  • An upfit customized to your vehicle.
  • Ranger Design products.
Partitions and Bulkheads composite

Partitions and Bulkheads

Are you concerned with your safety on the job? Partitions keep drivers safe and comfortable while allowing easy access to the rear. The benefits of getting a partition or bulkhead include:

  • Complete protection from your cargo, especially in the event of an accident or hard stop.
  • Superior climate control, improving your comfort when driving.
  • Clear air in the cab, with the partition separating outside odors, dust and debris.
  • Improved security for your equipment and tools in the cargo area.
Interior view of advantage outfitter van storage drawers

Drawer Cabinets

Secure and protect your valuable tools and equipment. With the right van accessories, you can access your items for work without a fuss. Add drawers and cabinets to your van for useful modular storage.

The benefits of using cabinets include:

  • Providing additional security for your equipment.
  • Making room for items that need more organization.
  • Distributing the weight of your supplies evenly.
  • Customizing drawers to suit your industry.
  • Securing heavy equipment and chemical substances during transit.

Parts Case Storage Units

Specialized Partskeeper units keep any part you need right at your fingertips. You want to be able to provide quick service for your customers, and one of the main benefits of using storage units is that you can find what you need exactly where you expect to. Other benefits include:

  • Separating potentially hazardous items from the rest of your tools and equipment.
  • Offering better opportunities for organization.
  • Saving time locating certain materials or items.
  • Storing small parts and delicate components together during transit.

You can get your Partskeeper cabinets set up in the following ways:

  • Mounted: The cabinet is mounted under your shelves or along the walls of your vehicle.
  • Inset: The cabinet is inset into your shelving, creating a seamless and functional look.
  • Stacked: A series of stand-alone cabinets are secured to the floor of the vehicle.
Yellow Shelf Bin with Center Divider

Shelving Accessories

Find the best van racks and shelving near you, including accessories you need to make your job easier. Organize and customize every shelf with our doors, bins, dividers, and other shelf accessories. The range of accessories includes many commonly requested items over years of custom upfitting.

The types of work van accessories available include:

  • Shelf dividers: Make your shelving system more organized by adding dividers.
  • Locking doors: For additional security, get doors for your shelving units that lock.
  • Hooks: Available as ladder hooks, swivel hooks and fixed hooks, these create places to fit items and keep them off the floor and out of the way.
  • Extra features: First aid kits, seat covers, paper holders and more are available.

Why Advantage Outfitters Is Different

We understand that mobile service companies need the ability to adapt their work vans to their specific application without the time and expense of custom fabrication. We also recognize that needs change over time and companies need to be able to quickly adjust, re-use and repurpose their interior upfits. That is why we offer tough, modular storage systems – products that stand the test of time while remaining flexible to changing conditions.

Today’s professional service organizations are looking for a dedicated, capable partner who can help them realize maximum return on their most important assets – their technicians and the vehicles they use. Advantage Outfitters can provide industry-leading expertise to transform your fleet into work-ready service tools.

  • We make it easy with:

    • Simplified layout and design
    • Technical support and configuration assistance
  • We make it fast with:

    • Large local inventory
    • Installations can be completed in 48 hours or less
  • We make it last with:

    • Certified and trained installers
    • Lifetime installation warranty


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