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The majority of cargo vans are delivered as panel vans—all solid panels with no rear windows. This is great for protection against break-in and for advertising space, but many van buyers have other considerations. 

A safer and more comfortable driving experience is the primary reason van operators add windows. Most new-style vans are taller and longer, making visibility out the side and rear a greater concern. In addition, safety add-ons like windows can often reduce insurance costs. Many customers also add windows for better visibility in the cargo area – especially in applications where they may be bringing their customers into the vehicle

With Advantage, not only do you get access to industry-leading upfitting products and accessories but you gain a partner with the industry knowledge to make sure you are purchasing the right equipment for the job. Learn more about us! If you are a fleet manager, head to our commercial fleet page to learn more about our special fleet services. If you’re wondering how upfitting works, our case studies page will show you how we have helped other customers in the past.

Work van window
Work van window

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OEM-Style Windows

OEM-style windows provide an exact match to the factory windows, providing a sleek, finished look.

  • Windows are cut into the existing panel and permanently urethaned in place
  • Available for sliding door, rear doors, and driver’s side forward position on most full-size vans
  • Light smoke tint provides privacy while allowing easy visibility out

Specialty Van Windows

  • Porthole Windows
  • Vented Windows
  • Slider Windows

What Are the Advantages of Installing Van Conversion Windows?

Installing panel van windows can lead to the following advantages:

1. Improved Visibility

Many drivers install these types of windows to have a clearer view. Windows for panel vans improve visibility while driving, reducing your blind spots and resulting in a safer driving experience. You can change lanes and drive around corners more easily as a result. Your risk of having an accident is reduced with this improvement.

2. Enhanced Lighting

Adding a window increases the van’s interior lighting, which can be very helpful when you’re trying to locate a tool. Natural sunlight minimizes usage of your vehicle’s lights in the daytime. You can let in the most natural light with a wide window.

3. Superior Ventilation

Having better internal ventilation can be a relief in the hotter months of the year, and it might also be better for your products or equipment. The temperature inside of your van might even tend to climb higher than its environment. Some windows have options to open them, providing increased ventilation and cooling.

4. Professional Aesthetic

Installing custom van windows can also enhance your work vehicle’s professional appearance to your customers. The closed look of a windowless van is bland and can also feel confining. Adding windows to your van’s panels creates a contemporary aesthetic that raises the value of the vehicle.

5. Greater Transparency

Customers can see the space inside your van windows. If your work vehicle is well-organized with shelving, storage bins and other features necessary for your profession, the customer will know they can trust your expertise.

Upfitting Your Commercial Vehicle

Windows may not be critical in most applications, but the addition of a window adds an element of light and ventilation to the interior. This is important when your vehicle doubles as a mobile workstation—creature comforts make your drivers happier and more efficient when on the job.

Work with an experienced company to ensure the upfitting process is done correctly for your cargo van windows. Your vehicle serves as a workstation and your most vital tool for completing the responsibilities of your job. Having more storage space for your equipment and tools allows for a high degree of convenience and can help you save time on a job.

Upfitting your work van can make your daily tasks easier and result in more efficient work, but you should consider what makes your industry unique as you find accessories to include. Your upfitter may suggest certain products, but if you want to go through a speedier unfitting process, you can make your own choices about what to purchase.

Advantage offers many of the finest unfitting accessories, along with a unique partnership where you can rely on industry knowledge to help with the purchasing process.

How Can Advantage Outfitters Help?

We’re seasoned van outfitters who understand that your vehicle is part of your workplace. We can help you make decisions about how to upfit your work van so you can get the most productive use out of it. Our products also include numerous types of accessories, like storage cabinets, roof racks and flooring. We strive to provide you with the most functionality so your work vehicle can work better.

Get Van Conversion Windows With Advantage Outfitters

Advantage Outfitters can help upfit your vehicle with the accessories your job requires. We provide services for numerous industries, including food service, construction and more.

Advantage provides industry-leading accessories and industry knowledge, so you can get the right accessories for your business. We’ve helped many past customers and conducted case studies to find the best possible unfitting solutions

Ask us for our advice on van accessories and how to keep your equipment safe on the job. Browse our products today!


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