Van Liftgates/Ramps

Safely Move Equipment and Materials

Depending on the Load, the Right Liftgate or Cargo Van Ramp Makes Work Easy

Whether it’s loading a piece of machinery, or transporting materials to the jobsite, assistance is often required to get items in and out of the van. Our products reduce the effort needed for these tasks while preventing costly and lasting injuries. For lightweight loads, hand trucks, and self-propelled equipment, a foldable ramp is a perfect solution. For heavier items like pallets and machinery, a liftgate is the right tool for the job. 

With Advantage, not only do you get access to industry-leading upfitting products and accessories but you gain a partner with the industry knowledge to make sure you are purchasing the right equipment for the job. Learn more about us! If you are a fleet manager, head to our commercial fleet page to learn more about our special fleet services. If you’re wondering how upfitting works, our case studies page will show you how we have helped other customers in the past.

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Ready to Upfit?

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  • Securely mount and store at the side or rear door
  • Capacities from 750lbs to 1500lbs
  • Widths from 24” to 48”
  • Lengths from 72” to 135”
  • Spring-assist and swivel options


  • Inside and outside mounts available
  • Capacities up to 1,300lbs
  • Platform depths up to 71”
  • Cantilever style folds to allow rear entry and exit without deploying liftgate
  • Heavy-duty aluminum deck to reduce weight

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Commercial Vehicle

Lifts and ramps aren’t simply extras, they are essential tools that make work easier and reduce liability of injuries on the job. 

Upfitting is an important process. Your vehicle is an important tool to getting the job done, and how you upfit it should take into account the uniqueness of your business and how to make your common, day-to-day tasks simpler. Most upfitters will present a list of products and leave the choices up to you. This might be fine if you’ve upfitted a van on your own, but the majority of tradespeople and fleet managers have more important things to address. 

With Advantage, not only do you have access to industry-leading upfitting products and accessories, but you also gain a partner with the industry knowledge to make sure you are purchasing the right equipment for the job. 

As experienced van outfitters, we know how important your vehicle is, and we understand how important the decisions you make to upfit them are. Everything from roof racks to storage cabinets and even to the material you use to cover the floor of your van is important to the function of the finished product. Convenient storage for important tools and equipment you use during a day’s work will cut down on wasted time searching for them. Even small time savers can be game changers over the course of a busy workday.

Let Advantage Outfitters help you find the perfect upfit equipment for your vehicle. We serve hardworking professionals in many industries. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, contractors, bakers, painters, and even appliance delivery teams seek out our advice on the easiest ways to keep supplies and equipment safe and well-organized while on a job.

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