Cargo Restraint and Security

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Cargo Restraint and Security Products Aren’t Simple Accessories—They Are Essential

Cargo restraints and vehicle security locks protect your vehicle, your equipment, your drivers, and your business by locking everything down. Factory-direct vehicles may come with security systems and electric locks, but the security needs of a commercial business can outweigh the protection that ordinary security measures provide.

Work vans also carry a lot of cargo. Even irregularly shaped items that need to be taken back to a workshop or taken for disposal need to be locked down during transit. Advantage Outfitters offers cargo restraint tools you need to customize a secure tie-down in a pinch to ensure the safety of your drivers and protect the valuable equipment in your van’s cargo area.

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Cargo Restraint

Cargo Van Security Door Locks

Door Security:

  • High-security hasps use factory mounting points
  • Solid steel “puck” style locks
  • Custom-fit for drill-free installation

How to Keep Your Work Van Safe

Safety should always be a concern, and a significant part of protecting your investment is knowing how to keep your work van secure. An ordinary car or truck may be a tempting target for a thief, but a work van can have some valuable items inside it. Businesses can lose thousands of dollars to opportunistic thievery, and while your commercial insurance policy may protect you from loss financially, you might need to wait to replace lost equipment. In this case, small businesses may be forced to reschedule appointments or lose business. Here are some points about work van security that you should keep in mind when upfitting a work vehicle.

  • Vans with no obvious security measures are an easy target – Thieves don’t want to have to work very hard to score something valuable, and when they see a robust, tamper-proof lock on your work van, most will move on to an easier target.
  • Some insurers require security systems – Before they will cover your van and the equipment inside it, insurance providers may need to see evidence of your ability to protect it. This means potential reduced rates for professionally installed security locks. . Havent actually heard of this ever happening in real life – what is accurate is that insurance companies may reduce rates if you add security locks
  • Locked compartments add a level of security – Most employees remove tools and equipment at the end of the day but with locked compartments, the van itself can be used as a secure storage locker as a secondary measure of security.
  • Partner with a professional upfitter – Advantage Outfitters takes the time to understand your needs. When we help you upfit a work van, we make sure it has all the essential equipment you need to get the job done efficiently and safely. From van shelving to roof racks, we make sure you make the right choices for the ultimate work vehicle.
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