Ladder Racks

Roof Equipment Designed for the Safe Restraint and Fast Retrieval of Ladders

Secured for Transport, Yet Easily Accessible

Anyone who has ever lost a ladder while driving or seen a mangled ladder on the highway knows the danger and liability that comes with storing ladders on your roof. In addition, anyone who has had to set up a step-ladder and call a helper just to load/unload their extension ladder knows the time and cost of an ineffective rack. Our ladder-specific roof racks eliminate both of those headaches and are designed to perform reliably for the life of your vehicle.

With Advantage, not only do you get access to industry-leading upfitting products and accessories but you gain a partner with the industry knowledge to make sure you are purchasing the right equipment for the job. Learn more about us! If you are a fleet manager, head to our commercial fleet page to learn more about our special fleet services. If you’re wondering how upfitting works, our case studies page will show you how we have helped other customers in the past.

Drop-Down Ladder And Cargo Rack on a van

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Clamp Down Ladder Racks

Clamp-Down Racks are designed as a cost-effective alternative to a drop-down rack on low-roof vans. These racks provide load-assist features and safely secure ladders for transport with a simple turn of a handle. Models are available for all compact vans and low-roof full size vans. 

  • 100% rust-free aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Includes front, middle, and rear crossbars for long and short ladders.
  • Siderails with curved ladder rest makes loading and unloading ladders an easy, one-person operation.
  • Ladders are restrained by a rotating handle, and a padlock can be added for extra security.

Drop-Down Ladder Racks

Drop-Down Racks are the gold standard for an ergonomic, safe, and efficient way to store ladders on high-roof vans. Ladders can be easily loaded and unloaded by one person standing on the ground. Models are available for all full-size vans. 

  • 100% rust free Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Single stage rotation brings ladders down in one easy motion
  • Removable rotation bar
  • Single-side rack holds 1 extension ladder
  • Double-side rack holds 2 extension ladders
  • Optional third crossbar available for shorter stepladders

Are You Looking For Cargo Racks?

Ladders aren’t the only thing the roof can transport. A van roof is an important place for getting anything you need to the job site.

Cargo Plus Installed Top Rear View

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Commercial Vehicle

Your vehicle is an important component of getting the job done. How you upfit it should take into account the uniqueness of your business and how to make your common, day-to-day tasks simpler.

With Advantage, not only do you get access to industry-leading upfitting products and accessories but you gain a partner with the industry knowledge to make sure you are purchasing the right equipment for the job.

Upfitting a vehicle without the proper guidance or industry experience is a costly mistake to make. There is no reason you should be left with a vehicle that has expensive features without the need to use them. Furthermore, without the right help, your van could be missing important details, meaning a return to the upfitter for more customizations. If this is expensive for a single vehicle, imagine the cost for an entire fleet.

Advantage Outfitters Showcase Upfits Vertical van storage

As an experienced van outfitter, we know how important your vehicle is, and we understand how important the decision is to upfit them. Everything from roof racks to storage cabinets, and even to the material you use to cover the floor of your van—all are important to the function of the finished product. Convenient storage for important tools and equipment will cut down on wasted time searching for them during a busy day’s work. Even small time savers can be game changers over the course of a hectic workday.

Let Advantage Outfitters help you find the perfect upfit equipment for your vehicle. We serve hardworking professionals in many industries. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, contractors, bakers, painters, and even appliance delivery teams seek out our advice on the easiest ways to keep supplies and equipment safe and well-organized while on a job.


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