Ford Transit Upfitting

Are you looking to upfit your Ford Transit? Advantage Outfitters is your leading source for components for popular commercial vehicles like the Ford Transit Connect. We have a wide variety of Ford Transit van shelving, roof equipment, interior liners and more. Shop online for vehicle upgrades that enable you to maximize your investment.

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Our Ford Transit Upfit Products

Upfitting your Ford Transit will help you work smarter and harder every day. We carry an extensive range of products that give customers complete control over their vehicle’s interior and exterior accessories.

Upfitting your Ford Transit with interior shelving and storage is an instant organization upgrade. Our shelving options will help you make the most of every minute on the job while impressing customers with your professionalism. We’ll customize your interior upfitting selection to your business’s specific needs, so your van will be work-ready whenever you need it. Shop with Advantage Outfitters for durable shelving and storage products like:

  • Shelving units
  • Partitions and bulkheads
  • Drawer cabinets
  • Parts case storage units
  • Shelf dividers
  • Locking shelf doors
  • Hooks

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An interior lining will protect the inside of your van from damage while keeping your crew safe. Our interior lining options for Ford Transit vans include van flooring and wall, door or ceiling liners. Lining your vehicle’s walls, doors and ceiling will seal the interior and cargo from the outside elements while facilitating a quieter, more comfortable ride for staff. Van flooring protects the vehicle’s surface against drops and ensures a sturdy base for workers to stand on.

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Adding roof equipment will enhance your cargo capabilities, so count on Advantage Outfitters to customize equipment for your vehicle. We design roof racks that simplify and secure loading and unloading processes. Our ladder racks feature sturdy ladder holsters for quick storage on top of the roof when you’re finished using them. You can also choose a cargo rack that expands storage space while offering personalized upgrades like conduit carriers.

We design access ladders that attach securely to the back of the vehicle for safe access to the roof rack.

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Our commercial van accessories allow customers to add personalized touches to their vehicles based on their needs. We improve visibility by supplying interior van lighting for any Ford Transit model. We also improve privacy and comfort with custom van windows that match the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Other options like van running boards and rear steps and cargo restraint kits are available to boost worker safety and secure your important gear.

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Does your job call for specialized gear to lift heavy equipment? Do you need onsite AC power anywhere you go? Our specialty van equipment catalog contains various options to cater to your specific needs. We supply parts like ramps and liftgatescargo heating and air conditioning and power inverter systems that enable workers to meet unique requirements. As your dependable Ford Transit outfitters, we’ll work with you to determine your needs and install custom accessories that meet them.

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At Advantage Outfitters, we offer a simple, fast process that allows customers to find quality equipment for their Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect vehicles. Our upgrades will set you up for success by enhancing your workflow. We invite you to browse our online store or get in touch for more information on installing our upfit equipment for Ford Transit vans.