Van Partitions & Bulkheads

Separate the Interior of Your Vehicle Securely

If you run a business requiring the use of a van, the cargo area is likely loaded with materials necessary for the job. You could be an electrician, plumber, tradesperson, or florist, and a cargo van can help you transport your business from one location to the next. With all your tools and cargo in the back, you want to ensure everything is protected while you drive.

Van partitions, otherwise known as van bulkheads, divide the driver and passengers from the cargo or tool in the back of the van. If you have a cargo van, continue reading to learn why van partition installation is an essential next step for your business.

Separate Driver and Cargo With Steel Van Partitions and Bulkheads

Why are partitions so important? Van partitions do more than just block the view or reduce the noise of the cargo. When you install a van partition, you’re also taking advantage of these benefits:

  • Partitions save lives: The primary purpose of a partition is to protect the driver and passenger from shifting cargo in the event of a hard stop or accident.
  • Increased driver comfort: A partition helps retain the climate control in the cab rather than escaping to the back.
  • Separate the cargo area: The right partition will help prevent odors, dust, and other materials from coming into the cab.
  • Increased security: Without a partition, one of the easiest routes for a criminal to your tools in the rear is through the cab windows.
Van with a Ranger Design Van Partition and Bulkhead

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What Types of Partitions are Available?

You want to ensure you choose the right fit for you and your business before moving forward with van bulkhead installation. There are many options available to suit your individual needs, such as:

Pass-Thru Partition

Pass-thru partitions allow you to easily access your cargo from the cabin of your van. If you need something, you don’t have to climb out of the van and open the back door to retrieve it. If you’re considering choosing a pass-thru partition, here are some factors to consider:

  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Driver & passenger panels only
  • Most economical choice for large vans
  • Available for all full-size vans

Straight Partition

With a straight steel partition, you’re fully protected from the cargo in the rear as you drive. You can also choose a straight partition with a steel mesh top, so you can see into the back of your van if something falls or gets knocked over during transit. Other features of a straight steel partition include:

  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Provides a solid safety/security barrier
  • No access to the rear
  • Most popular model
  • Available for all full-size vans

Swing Door Partition

A steel swing door bulkhead is one of the most versatile options you can choose. The door provides easy access to your cargo area but remains latched while driving. You’ll also have plenty of comfortable space in your cabin. Additional features include:

  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Provides a solid safety barrier with access to the cargo area
  • Available for all full-size vans

Sliding Door Partition

The sliding door partition provides easy access to your cargo without worrying about the door getting in the way when open. There are different options available based on the height of your van, and you’ll also benefit from these additional features:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Sliding door locks in the open or closed position
  • Window comes standard for visibility
  • Available for most full-size vans

Contoured Partition

Contoured partitions provide maximum comfort for drivers and passengers while keeping your cargo safe and secure. If you’re trying to decide if a contoured partition is right for you, consider the following benefits:

  • Aluminum and steel options
  • Contoured design maximizes operator space and cargo space
  • Solid, window, and mesh panel options 
  • Available for all vans

Composite Partition

Though composite partitions are heavier than others, they provide ample sound dampening to keep the cabin area comfortable. If you have a lot of tools that rattle as you drive, a composite bulkhead could be a good choice. Additional features of composite partitions include:

  • Tough molded plastic with steel reinforcement
  • Contoured specifically to each vehicle and driver’s seat
  • Perfect fit design
  • Solid and window options
  • Available for most full-size van

MaxView Partition

The MaxView partition provides you with the most visibility of your cargo space to ensure comfort and safety. The material is lightweight and can be bolted down if you’re looking for something less permanent. MaxView partitions also come with the following features:

  • Molded plastic base with clear Lexan upper
  • Provides maximum visibility and open feel in small vans
  • Contoured design for operator comfort
  • Available for most compact and midsize vans

Wire Mesh Partition

Similar to the MaxView partition, a wire mesh bulkhead lets you see the entirety of your cargo area while keeping you protected while you drive. Wire mesh partitions are lightweight and straightforward to install. Additional benefits include:

  • Mesh construction with solid sides
  • Provides safety and security
  • Contoured design for operator comfort
  • Most economical choice for small vans
  • Available for most compact and midsize vans

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