Van Access Ladders

Safe, Simple Roof Access

Rooftop Storage is an Important Element for Most Work Vans

The van roof is a great place to securely store the tools and materials needed for a job that may not fit in the interior; it can also be used to avoid cluttering up the interior of the van. Instead of using tires or bumpers, a roof access ladder enhances worker safety by giving them easy access to items on the roof, including ladders and conduit carriers.

  • Maximize resale value and maintain vehicle warranties by using clamp or bolt-on equipment.
  • Give your van a professional look.
  • Available for most vehicle models.

Our van roof ladders are perfect for business owners and fleet managers that want to enhance the look, utility, and safety of their vans while maintaining their resale value.

roof access ladders in new jersey

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Van Access Ladders

Our ladders are available for all van models, and they boast the following characteristics:

  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum
  • Bolt-on or clamp-on options
  • Side or rear-mounted

Are You Looking For Cargo Racks?

Ladders aren’t the only thing the roof can transport. A van roof is an important place for getting anything you need to the job site.

Cargo Plus Installed Top Rear View

Customer Service is Our Advantage

Advantage Outfitters is more than a distributor of van accessories; we help business owners and fleet managers find the best products for their needs. Upfitting isn’t always the most obvious process. Commercial utility vans are never ready to go directly off the lot, and upfitters that purchase a used van will most likely need to replace or upgrade components before the van can be put into service. While it is easy to pick components out of a catalog, over the years we have found that upfitters need guidance about how well these products work together and how much value they are getting for their dollar.

From seasoned professionals to first-timers, our experience and knowledge will guarantee you are getting exactly what you need while sticking to a budget. And we are here to help you through every step of the way, from van procurement to delivery.

Remember, at Advantage Outfitters:

  • We make it easy

    • Simplified layout and design
    • Technical support and configuration assistance
  • We make it fast

    • Everything on our site is in stock
    • Installations can be completed in 48 hours or less
  • We make it last

    • Certified and trained installers
    • Lifetime installation warranty


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