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From the largest fleets to single vans supporting small businesses, Advantage Outfitters applies the same concepts of quality, attention to detail, and premier customer service to everything we do. 

Below, you have access to our vehicle-specific Upfit Guides as well as our Layout Guides showing interior dimensions for all standard cargo van models. We have extensive experience in upfitting all standard van models from Ford Transit outfitting to Sprinter van outfitting, and beyond. As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your upfit, please reach out to our responsive customer service department.

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van upfit resources - Express & Savana

Express-Savana Upfit Guide

van upfit resources, 2021 Metris Upfit Guide

Metris Upfit Guide

van upfit resources - ProMaster

ProMaster Upfit Guide

van upfit resources - ProMaster City

ProMaster City Upfit Guide

van upfit resources, 2021 Sprinter Upfit Guide

Sprinter Upfit Guide

van upfit resources, 2021 Transit Upfit Guide

Transit Upfit Guide

van upfit resources - Transit Connect

Transit Connect Upfit Guide

Vehicle Layout Guides

Mercedes Sprinter

144″ Wheelbase

170″ Wheelbase

170″ Ext Wheelbase

Mercedes Metris

RAM ProMaster

118″ Wheelbase

136″ Wheelbase

159″ Wheelbase

159″ Ext Wheelbase

What Size ProMaster Do I Have?

RAM ProMaster City

Ford Transit

130″ Wheelbase

148″ Wheelbase

148″ Ext Wheelbase

What Size Transit Do I Have?

Ford Transit Connect

Long Wheelbase

Short Wheelbase

GMC Savana/Chevy Express

Regular Wheelbase

Extended Wheelbase

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