RAM ProMaster Upfitting

The RAM ProMaster is an excellent vehicle in any commercial fleet, but an upfit can enhance the value it brings your business. At Advantage Outfitters, we supply and customize equipment that can make any RAM ProMaster upfit a success. You can count on us for an easy ordering process and a wide selection. Visit one of our showrooms or check out our online store to get started!

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Professional Upfit Products for RAM ProMaster Vans

Advantage Outfitters carries numerous options for fleet owners looking to upfit their RAM ProMaster cargo van. We develop and customize products that enhance everything from organization to comfort.

Does your work vehicle have storage to carry your necessary tools and maintain an organized van? Advantage Outfitters can help. Our shelving and storage options for RAM ProMaster vans will improve your workflow so you can get more done. We produce shelving units, partitions, bulkheads, cabinets, parts cases and other convenient storage upgrades that fit RAM ProMaster vehicles. We also supply various storage accessories that make it easier for your team to find what you need quickly.

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You transport heavy equipment in your RAM ProMaster van. If a box or machine tips over, you could end up with a nasty dent in your interior floor, ceiling, wall or door. Our interior liners for RAM vans will preserve your investment by protecting vulnerable surfaces. We’ll custom-mold liners to your vehicle’s dimensions for a snug fit and dependable surface protection. Our interior lining also improves comfort by forming a tight seal that keeps noise and air out.

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When carrying cargo like pipes, conduits or lumber, it helps to have extra storage space on your roof. Advantage Outfitters carries van roof racks for RAM ProMaster vehicles. Our roof racks offer convenient storage alongside safe, lightweight construction. Work with us to upfit your van with a custom ladder rackaccess ladder or cargo rack that upgrades your cargo capacity while ensuring user safety.

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Our commercial van accessories will make your job easier because we design accessories for RAM ProMaster vans that increase convenience, safety and security. Our interior van lighting installations will brighten your van, helping you find the tools you need. You can also choose a cargo restraint and security kit to protect your items from damage and theft. We have numerous accessories for RAM ProMaster cargo cans, so get in touch to discuss your needs.

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At Advantage Outfitters, we’re committed to helping customers meet the most specific needs through custom upfitting equipment. We have everything you need to make your RAM ProMaster the most powerful tool at your disposal. Consider our cargo area heating and cooling systems for internal temperature control, or boost efficiency by installing a DC/AC power inverter that supplies electricity at any job site. Other custom options — like liftgates and ramps — make loading and unloading cargo more manageable.

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Upfit Your RAM ProMaster With Advantage Outfitters

Advantage Outfitters equips you with the components you need to make the most of your RAM ProMaster van. We’ll collaborate with you on a custom solution and ensure you find a reliable location to have your purchases installed. Browse our products on our online store or visit one of our showrooms. If you want to learn more about our upfit options for Ram ProMaster vans or discuss your fleet, contact us online today!