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Are you looking for a fleet outfitter to help you produce a line of job-ready commercial vehicles with the ideal features for your industry? Whether you are outfitting vans for a painting company, plumbing service or another industry, Advantage Outfitters has the accessories for helping you meet your goals.

Learn more about how a fleet upfitter can put your vehicles on the competitive edge below.

Why Upfit a Fleet of Commercial Vans?

Upfitting your fleet of vans has many advantages, including:

1. Increased Productivity

With the right upgrades, your vehicles can work more efficiently for your crew. It’s easier to keep equipment organized and provide fast service for customers with a van strategically upfitted to optimize its performance. Depending on the accessories, your employees will be able to drive, perform and access the right tools more easily.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

When your employees can quickly move their tools and equipment onto a job site, the work gets finished more efficiently. Customers appreciate your reliable service made possible by the professional layout of your vehicles’ interiors.

3. Reduced Costs of Your Fleet

Your operating costs can be lower with supportive upfit specifications. You can also save on maintenance with some accessories, like cargo restraints that stop heavy equipment from sliding into van walls and damaging them. You will pay less for damages to your equipment or new supplies to replace lost ones when you organize your van with the right accessories.

4. Lower Driver Turnover Rate

Drivers who work with efficient vehicles find their jobs less stressful. Accessories that promote the driver’s comfort and productivity — like interior lighting for safer, efficient work — can lead to a lower turnover rate and lower hiring costs in the long run.

Vehicles equipped with a professional layout and comfortable cab will retain qualified candidates who know their way around the industry. Upfitted vehicles designed exclusively for the job can also make training new employees easier.

Why upfit a fleet of commercial vans?

Do You Need to Upfit Your Fleet?

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Why Do Commercial Fleets Turn to Advantage?

Your company may want to make alterations to its fleet to increase efficiency, safety or other features. Installing fleet van upfits is easier when you work with a company that can offer these advantages:

  • Efficient installation without compromising on quality: A work van with cheap equipment that was installed poorly is more of a liability than a cost saver. Why spend time and energy fixing what shouldn’t be broken in the first place?
  • A modern fleet: New vans are more fuel-efficient, safer and better equipped to get work done quickly over old, broken-down fleets, regardless of the industry.
  • Better service for customers: A fleet upfitted by Advantage is a professional, modern tool that always works when it needs to and looks great doing it.
  • Help with configuration: Cargo vans are blank canvases, and custom jobs need a professional who can maximize your efficiency.

What Is Our Advantage?

Advantage can help outfit your commercial vans, whether you have one of two work vehicles for a small business or an entire fleet for your employees. Gain these advantages when you work with us: 

  • We understand the service industry: We frequently upfit cargo vans for the service industry, where many of our biggest customers work. Our business conducts professional installation for every industry that requires our services.
  • Our shelving systems are customizable: We offer durable shelving packages and customized designs. We are also able to standardize your requested design to fit your fleet.
  • We back our quality with a lifetime warranty: Our equipment is built to last for the vehicle’s full lifespan, and if there are any issues with your order, we agree to make it right every time.
  • All equipment is in stock: Check our catalog for any desired accessories. We store all items in our warehouse and provide quick installation services.
  • We come to you: We have mobile service and transportation options for when you want to save time and get your vehicles on the road.

Choose Advantage as Your Vehicle Fleet Outfitter

Advantage Outfitters can transform your commercial vehicles into an improved work-ready fleet. Our customers include municipalities, vehicle dealers, leasing companies and contractors. Contact us to learn how we can upfit your fleet.

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